Composite Buttercream Frosting Recipe





Have you tried my new buttercream technique?  It’s a cross between SMBC and American……but better!



Composite Buttercream

Yield:   4.5 litre KitchenAid Bowlful

1 cup eggwhites

4 cups unsalted butter  (or 1 c. shortening + 3 c. butter)

2 lbs icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla

Pinch of salt

Gel colors of your choice


Using whisk attachment,  whip eggs on low setting  “1 – 2” and gradually add sugar until well combined.

Once combined, turn speed up to “6” and whip for 5 minutes

Once soft peak consistency is reached,  add butter (or shortening/butter combination), small  bits at a time.

Turn mixer to speed “3” and add vanilla and salt.  Color may be added at this time if desired.

Mix until well incorporated.

Turn mixer to speed”4-5” and let whip for 8 minutes.

Do not whip on high speed.  Less air is optimal for this icing.


Once completed, you will want to remove much of the air as possible.  You can accomplish this by:


Put the paddle attachment on your mixer and turn speed to “2-3”

This will “flatten out or deflate” the icing.  The volume in your bowl should go down. 

If you have made two batches of icing, gradually add the first batch into the “deflating” batch and continue to beat until you have added both batches to the one bowl and removed most of the air.


This icing that has been deflated is perfect for piped buttercream flowers.

Progress Report on the Professional Cake Designer Program

Progress Report on the Professional Cake Designer Program

It has been a wonderful journey so far.  I am beyond impressed with the students in the this session.  It is a pleasure to watch them learn and grow.  Not only are they learning, but I am as well.  Inspired at every turn. I thought it may be of benefit to you to submit this short progress report.

If you haven’t taken it into consideration yet, please take the time to view some of our progress pictures and think about joining the Professional Cake Designer Program.  It is a wealth of information that will prove to be vital to your new business or daily work.  We cover everything from baking to business!

IMG_0812 IMG_0841 IMG_0806 IMG_0919 IMG_0903 IMG_0939 IMG_0944 IMG_0967


The next session, April 4 – 29th, 2016, is now open for registration.  For more information, please submit your request by following this link.

Professional Cake Designer – Certification Program

I hope to see you in class very soon!

Happy Caking!



Wilton Method Of Cake Decorating – The REAL Cost of a Class

What’s The Real Cost Of a Wilton Method Class?






•KIT                                                                      $40.00

•BASIC CAKE TURNTABLE                             $14.99

•14 DISPOSABLE PIPING BAGS                     $14.99

•CAKE BOARDS                                                 $  6.99

•FONDANT & GUMPASTE SIGN UP           @$20.00

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Professional Cake Designer – Certification Program


Professional Cake Designer Graduate


Great News!

I know that a lot of you have been considering a career change in the upcoming year but don’t know were to start.  Some of you are facing layoffs and a quite uncertain future. Have you considered becoming a professional cake designer?

I am a firm believer in building your own lifestyle.  I too was once in the corporate world, working to build a future. But it wasn’t mine.  I was an employee.  I made good money but I was not enjoying my life.  I felt like my time belonged to someone else.  I could not take a holiday unless it fit someone else’s schedule.  I was scripted as to when I worked, how many hours I worked, and with whom I worked.

I am here to tell you that YOU can change all of that.  Just like I did!

Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft is now offering a Four Week Premier Certification program. The New Program will run every other month, Monday thru Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm each day.  It offers over 160 hours of hands on experience and training.  Plus a possible posting for another 20 hours practicum.

 Professional Cake Designer – Certification Program

It will give you all of the hands on skill building and information that you will need to create your dream job or work in your dream profession.

On-going program registrations will commence January 4, 2016, and as previously stated new sessions will run every other month.  HOWEVER, we are now creating a wait list as class seating is very limited.  This limited seating ensures that your learning experience will better target  your individual requirements.

The Professional Cake Designer – Certification Program is designed to provide you with everything you need as a base for YOUR new life!

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Wilton Cake Decorating classes vs Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft classes

Lambert Academy






Are your current cake decorating classes economical and effective?   Is what you are learning practical for your needs?

“What is the difference.   Wilton cake decorating classes   vs   Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft classes?”

I taught Wilton cake classes at the beginning of my career.  Based on this experience, I have compiled the following side by side comparison of what both types of cake decorating classes offer, cost wise and time wise, to you, our valued customers.

Wilton cake decorating classes vs Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft classes.

Wilton has been around for a very, very long time and has made itself a household name by assisting the average home baker to be more proficient at decorating cake. A large majority of their business profile is based on the sale of their “specialized” tools. It is widely known that some these tools are extremely pricey. Their classes are offered at your local craft store, usually in the arts and crafts room. They are broken down into 4 modules. The basic class structure is paced at two hours per week over a four week period for each of the 4 modules.

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