Composite Buttercream Frosting Recipe





Have you tried my new buttercream technique?  It’s a cross between SMBC and American……but better!



Composite Buttercream

Yield:   4.5 litre KitchenAid Bowlful

1 cup eggwhites

4 cups unsalted butter  (or 1 c. shortening + 3 c. butter)

2 lbs icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla

Pinch of salt

Gel colors of your choice


Using whisk attachment,  whip eggs on low setting  “1 – 2” and gradually add sugar until well combined.

Once combined, turn speed up to “6” and whip for 5 minutes

Once soft peak consistency is reached,  add butter (or shortening/butter combination), small  bits at a time.

Turn mixer to speed “3” and add vanilla and salt.  Color may be added at this time if desired.

Mix until well incorporated.

Turn mixer to speed”4-5” and let whip for 8 minutes.

Do not whip on high speed.  Less air is optimal for this icing.


Once completed, you will want to remove much of the air as possible.  You can accomplish this by:


Put the paddle attachment on your mixer and turn speed to “2-3”

This will “flatten out or deflate” the icing.  The volume in your bowl should go down. 

If you have made two batches of icing, gradually add the first batch into the “deflating” batch and continue to beat until you have added both batches to the one bowl and removed most of the air.


This icing that has been deflated is perfect for piped buttercream flowers.