Wilton Cake Decorating classes vs Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft classes

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Are your current cake decorating classes economical and effective?   Is what you are learning practical for your needs?

“What is the difference.   Wilton cake decorating classes   vs   Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft classes?”

I taught Wilton cake classes at the beginning of my career.  Based on this experience, I have compiled the following side by side comparison of what both types of cake decorating classes offer, cost wise and time wise, to you, our valued customers.

Wilton cake decorating classes vs Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft classes.

Wilton has been around for a very, very long time and has made itself a household name by assisting the average home baker to be more proficient at decorating cake. A large majority of their business profile is based on the sale of their “specialized” tools. It is widely known that some these tools are extremely pricey. Their classes are offered at your local craft store, usually in the arts and crafts room. They are broken down into 4 modules. The basic class structure is paced at two hours per week over a four week period for each of the 4 modules.

The cost is typically low for instruction. Monthly specials are offered by the hosting craft store at 40% – 50% off. I have even seen it at a remarkable 70% off discounted price, bringing the class to an amazing $10 ticket price. This, however, is just the initial class sign up process.

While you may think that this is a great price to pay for a cake decorating class, you are then required to purchase a class kit.   Typically these class kits are in the $40 range. Basic items specific to each module are included in the kit but most times you still need to add to that kit. A few of these additional items would be things like tips, piping bags, spatulas, baking pans, a cake turntable, a cake carrier, etc.   The participants of the class are also required to provide their own decorating items such as cookies, cakes, icings, gels, food dyes and the likes. There is also the issue of a time investment to prepare these items for class time.

At Lambert Academy, we simplify the whole process for you. Classes are held in a kitchen setting, fully stocked with all of the supplies, tools and utensils that are required for each class.

That means, you get to test any and all of the aspects of cake decorating to see if it is a good fit for you, before you make a large investment.

Each of our class offerings is complete and specific in it’s content.

If you are just interested in basic cake decorating, we have a class that simply gives you introductory cake decorating. You may want to dive in a little deeper so our Fundamentals class offers a full spectrum of skill based experience from buttercream to fondant.   If your interest lays in figure making, there are several offerings allowing you to pinpoint your learning experience. You can choose from basic or advanced character structure. You may be looking for an alternative to gumpaste characters. The Modeling chocolate sculpture class would be a great fit. We allow you to get very specific.

We do not sell tools, but instead, offer valuable advise on where to shop to get what you need at a fair price. Of course if you decide that cake decorating is truly a craft that you want to pursue, you definitely will require a few things. However, it should take very minimal financial investment to acquire your essential tools.  Here, you are encouraged to “think outside the cake box” and be imaginative in where you shop and what you purchase for tools.

Our students come to class equipped with only their enthusiasm and everything else that is needed to participate in the class is provided, right down to the aprons.

We offer small,  intimate classes to allow for the maximum absorption of information in a much shorter period of time. No spoon feeding of information. Students leave our classes with a huge sense of gratification and accomplishment.

Many of our past attendees continue to maintain contact long after their cake experience with us has past.   I personally encourage and welcome this interaction. I love to see how our past students have continued to grow on their very own cake journey.
And there you have it!   I hope to meet you in class one day.

In the meantime, Happy Caking and remember,