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steampunk-owl cake

Stampede starts on Friday. One of my favorite places to visit on the grounds is the BMO Centre. The host the Western Showcase which is an artistic outlet for local and traveling artists alike. Sculptures, paintings, handcrafts and varied riches of talent from all parts.

There is a section specifically for cake and food craft artists. Here you can see fine cake and food design at its finest. It really is something to behold. I hope that you drop in and see some of the amazing work that is entered for the world to enjoy.

I have entered my Steampunk Owl this year. It was so much fun to create that I turned it into a sculpted cake class. The class runs Saturday and Sunday July 5th and 6th. It would be really nice to see you and teach you some skills to take to next year’s Stampede.

So there you have it. Ten days of fun and festivity and just a little bit about Cakes around Calgary.

Yee Haw! and Happy Caking!

Making Your Own Wedding Cakes

Glamour Wedding Cakes

Wedding season is here.  Weddings are expensive.

Those are just the facts thus forcing many brides to look toward a variety  cake options to remain within tight budgets.  Trends are leaning toward non traditional arrangements such as “Sweets” tables, cupcake tiers, macaron towers, wedding cookies and cake pops.  Yet there still remain, even within budget constraints, a few hold outs who insist on more tradition for their big day.  I personally know of several brides that are opting to having a talented friend make their cake for them.

While I am not a huge advocate of making your own wedding cake, as I have personal and close friends who make their living in this field,  I am aware that many brides do not have the budget to pull off a professionally crafted cake.

Creating an elegant yet simple wedding cake can prove to be quite a challenge and the task should not be taken on without great and deliberate thought.  It really is a monumental task for a beginner to pull off an impressive enough cake for someone who may have been planning for this occasion half of her life.  No pressure!

I know many a new cake designer who has looked at a wedding magazine, picked a cake and said to themselves “How hard could that be. It looks simple enough!”

As faulty as that statement is,  it is the first step in completing the task at hand.  Positive thinking.   Then after you have done all of your research and shopped for that endless list of supplies (bakewares, recipe supplies, cake boards and drums, ribbon, dowelling, fondant, Gumpaste, floral wire, food dyes, petal dusts, pearl shimmer, floral stamen, royal icing, gum glue, numerous cake tools and utensils, just to name a few items) you may find that you are still in need of a little help.

There are so many things that you may not have considered that ARE going to pop up.   Does your bride have a color scheme? Believe me when I say, getting the perfect match to a color selection is not for the faint of heart.  If your bride chose a fall color in the early summer, you might be in for some lengthy searching.  And then  there are the flowers.  Real or candy?  You may need a lesson on flowers and how you can or cannot use them with cake.  Are you aware that to get a perfectly level and stable cake it must be stacked correctly?   There really is a lot to have to know and do,  but it’s not impossible.   But, if you have given yourself that happy 2 day timeline, you’re not going to make it.

That is where I come in.   My job is to walk you through all the necessary steps of building a simple yet impressive wedding cake.  From conception of design, through structuring and on to the final process of pulling the whole thing together, our four day hands on Glamour Wedding Cakes class will teach you several different cake decorating techniques that meet up with today’s wedding cake trends.  Ultimately it’s a great trial run because you actually will be building a wedding cake along the way.  All the essentials you’ll need.

We keep our classes small and intimate so that you benefit from a more one on one experience.   Lots of room to ask question, lots of hands on practice and practical face time with a licensed Certified Cake Designer.

You really don’t want to miss this class if you have taken on the wedding cake duty.   If you have enlisted a friend to make your cake, this may be a good trial run for him/her.  Friendships are important and you wouldn’t want to ruin one over cake!

Something to consider.  A little insurance you might say.

Classes fill up fast so don’t delay. Glamour Wedding Cakes


Also available:     Private consultation appointments specific to your design needs

Happy Caking