How To Replace Your Income With A
Home-Based Cake Business

Even If You've Never Had Professional Training!

Everything You Need To Run a Cake Business

Extensive hands on training

The 6 week Professional Cake Designer Certification Program runs Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. 

That's 210 hours of intensive, hands on, up to your elbows in "cake stuff" every day!

"I want To Wake Up Every Morning and do Work That I Love And That Excites Me"

From Ophthalmology To Professional Cake Designer

I was in the corporate world, working to build a future. But it felt like that future wasn’t mine.  

I was an employee.  I made good money but I was not enjoying my life.  I felt like my time belonged to someone else.  I couldn't take a holiday unless it fit someone else’s schedule.  I had no control as to when I worked, how many hours I worked, and with whom I worked. I knew I had to make a change.

YOU can change your future... Just like I did!

Lesi Lambert - Founder of Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft

Go From "Cake Decorator" To "Professional Cake Designer" In 6 Short Weeks!

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Our Past Students Loved This Training Because We Developed Their Skills 
So Quickly...

Carissa, Young & Absolutely Inspirational 


Kim Has Overcome So Much!



Angie Adding Value To Her B&B

Gloria Became One Of Our Instructors

Mary Travelled From Nigeria!

Devin Shanna Corina Loved it!

Lambert Academy has partnered with The United Sugar Craft Association and the Professional Cake Designer Certification Program is exclusively available to USCA members. For a limited time your membership is included when you enroll.

A Sample Of The Skills You Will Learn

Cake Design Skills

"We Ensure You Get The Personal Guidance You Need"


We Have Financing Available

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Expert Skill Development

Our skills layering teaching methodology enables you to take in and retain a massive amount of information

Winning Cake Designs

Your main instructor is an award winning cake designer and she will change how you think about cake design

 A Strong Community

Our alumni are all of the same mindset, that when we work together and support one another we all prosper at a higher level

Ways To Get Customers

Customer acquisition is key in the cake business and you will learn how to grow your customer base

Marketing Yourself

What works, what doesn't and what is a waste of time

Cake Business Software

The easiest to learn and the best cake business software to run a cake business we've ever used

Professional Cake Designer Certification Program Dates For 2021:

January 11 - February 19, 2021

6 Weeks and 210 Hours Of Hands On Training With Lesi Lambert

March 8 - April 16, 2021

6 Weeks And 210 Hours Of Hands On Training With Lesi Lambert

May 3 - June 11, 2021

6 Weeks And 210 Hours Of Hands On Training With Lesi Lambert

June 28 - August 6, 2021

6 Weeks And 210 Hours Of Hands On Training With Lesi Lambert

September 6 - October 15, 2021

6 Weeks And 210 Hours Of Hands On Training With Lesi Lambert

November 1 - December 10, 2021

6 Weeks And 210 Hours Of Hands On Training With Lesi Lambert

 Program Dates For 2022 Coming Soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the program? Do I have to purchase any additional tools?

We provide all the tools, mixers, supplies right down to your uniform. The only thing you need to bring is your great attitude and your motivation to succeed!

I'm traveling from out of town, where will I stay?

There are many options and we will be happy to assist you. There are a variety of short term rentals and  hotels nearby.

What if I strategically take all the hobby classes over time, won't that give me everything offered in the Certification Program?

Absolutely not, the hobby classes are designed for the "weekend caker" who wants to bake and decorate a nice cake for family and friends. These classes do not go into the depth that a professional requires to have the skills in both decorating and business. Think of it like going to the YMCA for swimming lessons and comparing that to the training and coaching an Olympic athlete goes through in order to compete. Both are swimming lessons but there is a huge difference in skill level.

Is the program just a short version of a culinary course I can take at the local university or trade school?

Not at all. Our focus is very narrow in that we teach you to become a professional cake decorator. When you complete our program you will have the skills and confidence to run your own home based business, start a retail bakery/cake design shop or pursue a career with some of the best names in cake decorating. Our students have done all of that and more.

What is the difference between Lambert Academy and a University or trade school?

In general university programs teach you skills to become an employee of someone else's company. 

At Lambert Academy we teach you to be a "Cakepreneur". We give you the skills to be a great cake designer and then we take you step-by-step through how to start your own home based business.

Do you only teach how to start a home-based business? What if I want to start or buy a commercial location?

We do have a heart for the home-based business person because that is how we started out and we see a strong future for professional home-based cake designers. What we teach at Lambert Academy is perfectly applicable to a commercial cake design business as well. Both business models require the owner to be familiar with city permits, licenses and AHS licenses. Both business models require business plans, sales projections understanding of marketing, branding and of course both require awesome cake design skills.

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