The Topiary Cake – Sculpted Cakes

Three tiers, flower pot is cake & two tree parts cake
Three tiers.  Flower pot is cake & two tree parts are cake


Well, week one of my new adventure.  Whew!  What a week it has been.

I had all the imaginings of a relaxed lifestyle,  working less,  having more time……..did I say having more time.

Ha!   I take it all back.  It is a good thing that I love what I do because I always somehow manage to set myself up with the most interesting undertakings.

In my first week of being completely self-employed I managed to work way more hours than I had imagined I would.

I took on the daunting task of a sculpted cake. A topiary wedding cake.  While I am fairly pleased with the end result, there were a few structural issues from which I have learned a lot.  I will have to share those issues in a later posting in the hopes of saving you some trouble in your future encounters with structured cakes and sculpted cakes.

I did , as well, largely under estimate how long it was going to take me to create some 1500 or so petals.  Greatly under estimated!

It was akin to  running an 18 hour marathon.  My body ached after hours upon hours of constant cutting, smoothing, curling and setting out to dry the very many dainty little morsels.

But I am so glad I did.  The end result is stunning (in my opinion, but I am the one taking Aleve for body pain, lol)

All that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to stretch beyond what you think your current capabilities are.  Take on a sculpted cake even.  Every extra step you take is one step closer to something noteworthy.

And now,  I’m off for a full body massage.

Happy Caking!