Signs your cake business is experiencing growing pains and what to do about it


Growth, for many creatures in nature, is anything but graceful.

It can be a very painful process involving a shedding of old skin to be replaced by something new, or sometimes a shedding of old bodies completely (the metamorphosis of the beloved butterfly being one of the most violent, and the most beautiful).

The growth of a cake business owner can be even less graceful, usually because their resistance is so high

Business owners fear change because it’s uncomfortable, it takes time and skill to implement a new process or a new way of operating. Maybe they really don’t want to evolve their business and they want to keep the status quo. I call this reluctant growth…it’s very slow and arduous.

If they wait too long, however, the Universe eventually will force them into it (and that’s when things get really messy!)

There are subtle signs that you are being called to grow, like:

  • Not sharing your website because it doesn’t accurately represent what you do or your level of expertise.
  • Becoming inconsistent in your marketing because you’re tired of sharing the same things, or ideas have just “dried up”.
  • Feeling like you’ve plateaued and when you try to expand or grow, you end up back where you were.

When these signs are ignored, then inevitably the universe starts to give you less subtle signs like:

  • A health crisis – you or a family member gets sick or hospitalized forcing you to step back and evaluate if your business is sustainable for your lifestyle or even if you want to carry on in the cake business at all.
  • A sudden collapse in your business model – suddenly things aren’t working the way they used to or your clients are steadily disappearing.
  • A loss of motivation – you are considering going back to a traditional job despite how well your business is doing “on paper”.

These signs are an invitation for you to upgrade and step into something better!

It’s challenging when you are experiencing these growing pains, you are deep in the middle of “the problems” and it’s very hard to have the perspective it takes to shift your mindset to business growth.

You may think the challenges will pass, it’s all just a phase and if you tread water long enough things will eventually get easier.

What you may not realize is that, there’s a better way!

When you can take a step back and see what the universe is calling you toward. And sometimes you need some help figuring this out. You may find that you’re working way harder in your business than you need to.

When you surrender to the change, then we can figure out what is blocking you and get clear on what you truly want. From here it’s a matter of making subtle shifts in your business and brand to align with your next level of growth.

The first step is recognizing that it’s time for you to upgrade, from there things get a lot easier.

If you feel like this post is speaking to you, then maybe it’s time that you answer the invitation to grow into the next chapter of your cake business.

I currently have a few free consultation spots available for those that are ready to take action, fill out the application and let’s set up a time to chat.


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