Corporate Event Cake – Are You Ready For It?

You will Never Feel Ready!

I was standing outside the main entrance to Silverhill Acura in Calgary.

My palms were sweaty and I felt nauseous, like I was going to throw up.

I had just put the word out that I’m doing large scale corporate cake design to local businesses and as luck would have it, a major car dealership wanted a quote on a life size car made of cake!

I had no previous experience making this size cake, at the time I was alone in my business.

Until this point, I’ve never made a cake bigger than a traditional size wedding cake!

Sure, I was confident in my skills as a cake designer. But I was as green as you can get in the super high end, feeding thousands cake world.

So when I was invited to quote for a life size cake replica of a car, my first thought that popped into my mind was, “Noooo! I’m not ready yet!”

I mean, c’mon.

Couldn’t this opportunity show up just a little bit later – when I finally figured out what the heck I was doing?! When I was more prepared?!? When I felt more READY?

But here’s the truth…

You’ll never feel ready if you listen to your fear-based mind.

When I finally stepped foot in the doorway of that car dealership, I made a decision from my heart that I was going to go for it anyway. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And, let’s face it, I wasn’t getting any younger.

I knew I’d regret it forever if I let fear, insecurity and lack of readiness hold me back from finally doing something I truly wanted to do. More importantly, I knew saying yes would help me GAIN something else I wanted…

A path to speed up my results and grow 10X faster than doing things I was comfortable with.

Think about it…

Immersion in the corporate events environment would force me to gain skills and grow as a cake designer and business person at least 10-20X faster than stumbling around and continuing to do what I had been comfortable with.

I took a deep breath and went through with the meeting, sweaty palms and all. And guess what?

I eventually booked the job.

That ONE decision to say yes to my dream – waaay before I was ready – was the launch point for what became a successful and soul-enlivening career in cake design.

In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say…

That choice to start before I was ready, transformed the entire course to my business and life.

One brave choice meant that I got to put together a team, tackle a project that was 100’s of times bigger than anything I did in the past. There were some bumps in the road initially because like so many customers they thought they wanted something until they found out how much it actually costs. The first quote was for a life size car cake they wanted to display in the showroom and serve to customers…the cost…$40,000!!!

It was back to the drawing table a few times, then we landed on what their budget was and I created a cake for their Stampede party that fed over 1000 people. I received a lot of recognition and publicity out of it and not to mention the $8,000 cake sale!

It gave me the confidence to consistently create many awesome cake creations which eventually lead me to teaching sold out specialty cake design classes and founding a cake design school.

Over the years, I’ve continued to use the Start Before You’re Ready strategy and It’s produced incredible results every time. Now that I’ve had the chance to connect with some of the world’s most accomplished cake designers, I’ve noticed a pattern in them too…

Every successful person starts before they feel ready.

It’s one of the biggest secrets to success there is! I bet you have proof of this in your own life too.

Haven’t some of your best experiences come because you bypassed your “I’m not ready yet,” thoughts and mad a brave choice in the direction of your heart’s desire?

My guess is YES…

But here’s the problem. Most people are addicted to putting things off and saying things like maybe next time, or next month or next year – to the VERY things that matter most – their biggest life dreams!

I wanted to share this with you because registration for the next Professional Certified Cake Designer Program closes very soon. If you’ve been saying to yourself, “I really want to take the Certification Program, but “I’m not ready yet. Maybe next year…”

I invite you to challenge that “I’m not ready yet” strategy.

Because a year from now, you’ll either still be treading water…

Or you’ll be on higher ground, making a better living and expanding your cake business.

Let today be the day that transforms everything in YOUR cake business and life.

What you’ll find inside the Certification Program is the most complete, comprehensive program that holds your hand as you learn the cake decorating and business skills to build your dream business.

It’s time you say “YES!” to using your gifts and reaching the goals you’ve been dreaming about for so many years.

I’ve been where you are. From my hear, I cannot wait to show you what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Click here to say yes to YOU and join us in the Professional Cake Designer Certification Program.

Remember this: you’ll never feel ready to make the impact you were put on this earth to make. The real secret to living up to your highest potential is to always start before you’re ready.

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