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We’re Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft and our mission is to empower you to pursue your passion, teach you the skills, and give you the confidence to reach your business dreams. We believe that the investments we make in ourselves shapes our lives, giving us personal growth, community and ultimately makes us better equipped to share ourselves with the world.


Founded in 2007 Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft is a cake design business training company with our head office in Calgary Alberta. We are engaging the power of entrepreneurship and nurturing it through our students. Come and experience the evolution of home-based cake design and bakery businesses by starting your next career change with us.

Studied Sugar Arts with

Nicholas Lodge, James Rouselle, Becky Rink, Lourdes Reyes, Norm Davis, Claudette Peters, Lucinda Larson just to mention a few.

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More About Lesi Lambert

An introduction from our founder

My name is Lesi Lambert and I am a sugar artist.

I personally have created numerous sugar pieces and edible artworks for the private sector as well as corporate functions. My artworks have varied in size and have fed anywhere from 15 – 1000 people per artistic piece.

My company, Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft, regularly holds group workshops teaching all aspects of cake design and pastry art. Two years ago, I launched a five-week intensive certification program helping aspiring cake artists build specific skills to this craft, giving them the knowledge and tools to set up their own businesses in the industry of cake design.

I got started in cake design about 12 years ago when I decided to make a birthday cake for my son. He was very into guitars and I thought it might be a great idea to make a guitar cake for him. After that project I was hooked. I had not previously done cake but had always had a keen interest in food, particularly desserts. Dessert makes people happy.

I was working full time in the medical industry but had a small side business making pies. I spent numerous hours playing in the kitchen. This is where I was and still am happiest. I really like pretty food so even daily dinners had to be presented with special attention to being eye pleasing as well as tasty. I have always been creative and artistic so cake design and pastry art made for the perfect marriage of art and food. I spent a lot of time reading and picking up as much as I could from the internet. You-tube was not as prolific back then so I did a lot of trial and error. It got a lot easier as time went on.

I really wanted to teach so I applied to Wilton to teach that program. While I did enjoy the educating aspect of it, I felt very limited in what I could pass along to my students. After 2 years I decided it was time to move on.

I put together a few classes that appealed more to my artistic strong points, rented a community hall kitchen to hold classes and taught hobbyist cake designers on my weekends. I had a full-time job as an ophthalmic tech so I wasn’t able dive into cake completely. And so it went for a couple more years. Then, after 28 years of working in the medical industry and building someone else’s retirement, I decided it was time to concentrate on my own. It was a huge step and I was terrified but I was driven by my passion for cake design and nurturing my artistic side. I was determined to make it work. My husband and I bought a house with the perfect layout to renovate the lower level into a licensed commercial kitchen. I have enough room to accommodate a few students at a time, I have all the necessary equipment and tools and It is from here that I run my school. I have never been happier. I am doing what I love…. daily!