5 Reasons Why Education Is the Key to Success In Your Cake Decorating Business

5 Reasons Why Education Is the Key to Success In Your Cake Decorating Business

Cakepreneur and Cake Design School Owner – Lesi Lambert

Students always ask what my number one piece of advice for success is. What’s my answer? “Always make time for learning and upgrading your skills”.

Because the Cake decorating niche is so focused and specific you don’t necessarily need to invest the time and money for a culinary degree. In fact, I’ve had students who initially went that route, investing thousands of dollars and years of their time and not get what they needed to start their own cake decorating business. Begin your due diligence with the end in mind. If you plan to have a career in the hospitality industry or work for a hotel chain, then you may need to go the route of obtaining a culinary degree.

As an entrepreneur running your own cake decorating business you need to focus and learn how to get better, stronger and smarter in your business while at the same time hustling and making things happen, this is pure entrepreneurship.

I never when to college because I couldn’t afford it but I was always pushing myself to learn and grow. I started working part time during school at the age of 13 and then full time as soon as I could. When I decided to get a “career” I was in my 30’s, I was a single mother with 3 children and no spousal support. My schedule started at 5am, getting my children to daycare and to work by 7:30am. After supper and our evening routine I would put them to bed and study until 1 or 2am…and up at 5am… I did this for 2 years.

What I learned about myself during that time is I am totally committed to my goals and my education. To this day I am still just as committed to my education as I was then. When it comes to being an entrepreneur you need to learn and educate yourself quickly, your antenna should always be up, searching for ways to make yourself sharper and more informed about your business. There is never a time when you say “that’s it, I know everything.” Plus, with the every-changing technology, social media and marketing platforms, you can’t afford to fall behind.

“Choosing The Right Education To Support Your Entrepreneurial Vision Is Truly The Key”. Here Are Five Reasons Why:

1. Education grows your network and resources.

You could have strong entrepreneurial skills and be a natural-born salesperson, but without connections and resources, your business will be stuck in neutral.

Make a decision early on to build your resources by being a sponge and absorbing everything you possibly can. Listen. Read. Research. Ask questions. When someone recommends a resource, check it out. Never say no to suggestions or advice without doing your homework and checking it out for yourself. A casual observation by a friend or colleague could transform your business if you are open minded.

Build your network by taking courses and attending workshops, networking events, trade shows, and conferences. You’ll meet a whole lot of people who have been where you are now and who can share their experiences and knowledge with you. I invested in a very expensive program that had me in Toronto for 8 weeks of intensive study while starting Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft.  There have also been countless workshops and individual tutors that have taught me a lot. So much so that I took my years of experience, business successes, and failures and created a program called Lambert Academy’s Professional Cake Designer Certification Program, it’s a well-crafted Success Formula where I and my team of instructors will teach everything you need to know about starting and scaling your cake decorating business. Because our program is intentionally kept small, we have the ability to sit down one-on-one with every student to discuss their business and provide mentorship. This program gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge, experience, and resources with aspiring cakepreneurs across the country.

2. Education hones your financial intelligence.

Two of the most problematic areas in the business of cake decorating are pricing and costing. I’ve seen people fail because they didn’t charge enough so they never made a profit. And I’ve seen so many cakepreneurs struggle and ultimately fail because they don’t know their costs and they  never make a profit in their business. Financial intelligence is one of those skills that is non-negotiable if you want to be profitable and successful.

For many creative people tracking and understanding cash flow, balance sheets, operational expenses, costing and pricing are not a natural strengths. The good news is this aspect of your business can easily be outsourced to someone who absolutely loves and understands the numbers and can provide easy to understand monthly or quarterly reviews so you can focus on the aspects of the business that are your strengths.

3. Education grants you access to a mentor.

Someone once said that success in life is based a series of mentors. My first mentor was my grandmother. I learned my work ethic and the ability to “grow where you are planted” from her. She was one of the few people who believed in me and supported me in the formative years which influenced me to become the person I am today. Many mentors have come into my life since then.

So, where do you find a mentor? Everywhere…they are all around you! A mentor doesn’t need to be an untouchable celebrity or top cake industry influencer. In fact, you may find mentors in places you’d least expect if you’ll strive to be open minded.

4. Education protects your branding.

As an entrepreneur, you’re creating a brand that’s usually based around you. This makes you irreplaceable and makes you an asset to your business. Be clear and conscious about the message your branding is sending out there. Take the perspective of your perfect client or “avatar” and choose your branding from what your message will mean to them.

I’ve seen many branding fopauxs which are confusing word plays by people trying to humorous or designations such as Cake Queen, Cake Diva etc. You branding should be easy for your market to recognize as the answer to their needs.

5. Education gives you the confidence to follow your entrepreneurial dream.

I’ve noticed a surge of people who are entering the 2nd half of life and they are ready for a  change. In the past they’ve traded their dreams for job “security” only to find that decision is sucking the life out of them. They’ve come to the realization that there is no security and they’ve spent years building someone else’s dream. Learning the skills, you need to step out confidently and pursue your own dreams and goals can be uncomfortable but once you find the right educational fit for you can confidently create the life you want.

It’s time to think differently — and more intelligently — about what you are doing. Get the specific knowledge you need so you can take the next steps toward achieving your dreams and goals.

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