Sculpted Cakes: Fat Chef Video Tutorial Now Available!


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Hello again cake friends


I know that a lot of you were unable to attend the Fat Chef workshop this summer for one reason or another. I am taking this opportunity to share my latest project.


Fat Chef Sculpted Cake on video!


It is my first full length video (2 hours). It will take you through the entire process of creating the Fat Chef in full detail. You can work on it at your leisure, in the privacy of your own kitchen, at your own pace. Could it be any more perfect?

I am giving a 50% discount off the regular purchase price to the first 25 purchasers of the video.

Promo Code: 5STAR

Follow this link to take you to the Fat Chef video tutorial.


Without Your Positive Reviews And Feedback, 
My Business Does Not Exist

Your satisfaction is my top priority so if you are not “5 Star Happy” with my video, please contact me


I welcome your critique and  I highly value your opinion.  Your input is necessary  help perfect my process with future videos and you will not hurt my feelings I promise.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.    Now, I’m off to make more informative vids for you to enjoy.

Happy Caking!