Basic Piping Techniques


Piping Techniques are both fun and challenging. In this 3 hour hands-on workshop our goal is to help you perfect your techniques.

Imagine every shell, dot, or pearl on your delicate and beautifully piped cake being the exact same size and shape. You’ll also learn how to create the most exquisite rosettes for all types of cake and cupcake decorating use.  After creating the perfect consistency of icing, the results you’ll achieve will amaze you.

You’ll also learn how to properly hold a piping bag to allow for the perfect pressure for professional quality piping.
Before you know it,  you’ll be piping delicate lines and  exquisite swoops with precise timing and perfect spacing.

All tools and supplies are provided for use during this class.


Class Time: 9:30 am – 12:30pm (location information will be in welcome email)


Additional information

Class Dates

Saturday July 22, 2017, Saturday August 12, 2017, Sunday September 10, 2017, Saturday October 28, 2017, Saturday November 11, 2017, Saturday December 2, 2017