Meeting New Cake Friends

Meeting New Cake Friends
Meeting New Cake Friends

Hello again cake peeps!

Well, I am back from vacation and hard at work once again.  We have so many new classes coming up.

My vacation was a very relaxing and rejuvenating time.  Lots of fun was had.

There are few things that I love more than meeting new cake friends.  So, while I was away, I took a short trip off the beaten path to seek out a fellow cake designer in the area where I vacationed.  Her business is named Pasteleria Crisandree.  (Pastry Shoppe Crisandree)

Thinking I was going to a shopping plaza to look for her shop,  I looked up the address on the internet and jumped in a cab.  Having forgotten how spoiled we are in this little area of the world,  I did not consider that this wonderful woman does some of her best works from her home.  It is a home that she has converted entirely to her passion of cake design.  It is also the place where she is raising a lovely little family filled with life and energy.

As it turned out, my cab driver did not know his way around the area very well.  The provinces in Mexico are very strict about their cab services.  If you are taking a taxi and you leave one province and heading into another, you can only be traveling in one direction.  Should you need to go back in the other direction, you need to switch to a taxi designated to the province that you traveled into.  If your initial taxi driver is caught with people in his taxi, headed back in the direction of his designated province, he stands to  loose his license.  This did make the trip a little inconvenient and at some points a bit scarey, but still, very much an adventure.

There I was.  I had entered a new province, was forced to leave my taxi in an area that was definitely not tourist oriented.  I needed to find and get on a city bus that would take me to another cab stand.  This made me a bit nervous, but determination to reach my destination kept me pretty focused.

I gave “Pasteleria Crisandree” a call and was so relieved to be greeted by a very friendly voice.  I asked if she spoke English, to which she replied “yes”.  Whew! was my only thought. My lack of Spanish skills would have not been good at that point.

We spoke for a length of time.  I found out her name was Sandra.  She gave me a general idea of where she was located and told me to call her when I had a taxi and she would speak to him directly.  I got off my bus, found a cab and gave Sandra another call.

She took the time to speak with my new cab driver, giving him instructions, her phone number in case we got lost and texted him the actual address to help us on our way.

I arrived at Sandra’s home a short time later.  She welcomed me as if I were a good  friend that she had not seen for a very long time.  Sandra stopped her very busy work day to sit and chat with me.  We spoke of all types of cake things.  Common issues,  recipes, techniques, ingredients.  There are so many differences in the caking business to where each of us live.

I truly wish that I had more time to spend with her and learn some of her techniques.  What I did leave with however is a true appreciation for all my fellow cake friends.  Old and new.

We work well with what we have.  We have a great passion for our craft.  We have an unquenchable hunger for more knowledge, but most of all,  we are willing to share and grow as a specialty group called Cake Designers.

Sandra,  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for welcoming me into your home,  into your business world and into your life.  I look forward to many years of being your cake friend.  I hope that we can learn from each other and grow in our individual professions.  I am grateful to you for the time that you shared with me.  I look forward to you visiting me in my home studio.   The place where my passion lives.

I challenge you, my other cake friends, to reach out to your peers.  If you are traveling, make an adventure and seek out fellow designers.  As a group,  I have mostly seen accepting, approachable folk that I am pleased to call friends.

We all excel in the sharing of information.

That is my challenge to you.  And until we meet again,

Happy caking!